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Windows Based Program Bringing X-FineRework to another level

Features and User Benefits

  • Program and control X-FineRework from a PC.
  • Use the PC as a passive capture device: the operator controls X-FineRework from the Front Panel of FOCUS "X" and all events are recorded in the PC.
  • Observe time / temperature characteristics of the process in progress.
  • Modify programs on-the-fly using a computer mouse or keyboard entry.
  • Store programs and profiles of executed processes, manually and automatically.
  • Store additional information related to performed tasks (such as PCB Numbers, PCB descriptions, and so on) entered manually or via barcode reader.
  • Compare two profiles or programs.
  • View and review complete sequence of events.
  • Print programs and profiles.
  • Export programs and profiles to Excel.


To connect FOCUS"X" to PC X485-USB Converter is required.

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